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Dr. William Bukowski


William Bukowski, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Psychology 1984; Michigan State)


Director of CRDH
Professor, Department of Psychology
Concordia University


7141 Sherbrooke Street, West
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1R6


Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 2184
Website: Bukowski Lab





The main goal of my research program is to understand how and why children's and adolescents' experiences with their peers affect their competence and well-being. My projects are aimed at identifying and measuring the fundamental characteristics of children's interactions and relationships with their peers and determining how these experiences affect behavioral development, emotional adjustment and physical health. The four current themes of my research projects are (a) contextual/cultural variation in the peer experiences and the processes that account for variations in their effects, (b) the intersection between peer experiences and psychophysiology especially the response to stress, (c) gene/environment interactions and gene environment correlations and the long term consequences of peer experiences, and (d) gender differences especially as they are related to culture.





Drury, K-M., Bukowski, W. M., Velasquez, A.M., & Lopez, L.S. (in press).  Victimization and gender identity in single-sex and mixed-sex schools: Examining contextual variations in pressure to conform to gender norms.  Sex Roles.


Santo, J., da Cunha, J., Saldarriaga, L., Recchia, H.E., Martin-Storey, A., Bukowski, W., Stella-Lopez, L., & Carmago, G. (in press).  Measurement invariance of self-continuity strategies: Comparisons of early adolescents from Brazil, Canada, and Colombia.  European Journal of Developmental Psychology.


Santo, J.B., Bukowski, W.M., Lopez, L.S., Carmago, G., Mayman S.B., & Adams, R.E. (in press).  Factors underlying contextual variations in the structure of the self: Differences related to SES, gender, culture and “majority/“non-majority” status during early adolescence.  Journal of Research on Adolescence.


Velasquez, A.M., Bukowski, W.M., & Saldarriaga, L.M. (in press).  Adjusting for group size effects in peer nomination data.  Social Development.