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Dr. Philip Zelazo


Philip Zelazo, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Developmental and Social Psychology 1967; University of Waterloo)


Professor, Department of Psychology
McGill University


1205 Doctor Penfield Ave.
Stewart Pavillion
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1B1


Tel: 514-398-6099





Dr. Zelazo is interested in (a) perceptual-cognitive, social and motor development in infancy, including newborns, (b) the development of procedures to assess cognitive ability in children under 3 years of age, (c) treatment of children with autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and (d) the re-examination of theoretical assumptions about early development.





Woodard, C., Zelazo, P.R., Goodwin, M., Scrimgeour, M. & Ostholthoff, T. (in press).  Comparison of behavioural ratings and cardiovascular responses to sensory stimulation in children with autism spectrum disorders.  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 6 (1), 1234-1246.


Valiante, G., Barr, R., Zelazo, P.R., Brant, R., & Young, S. (2012).  Effects of familiarity and feeding on newborn speech-voice recognition, Infancy, 1-19.