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Dr. Nathan Hall


Hall, Nathan, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Social Psychology 2006; Manitoba University)


Asssistant Professor, Educational and Counselling Psychology
McGill University


3700 McTavish Street, McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2


Tel: 514-398-4242






My research foci are three-fold and consist of the interdisciplinary evaluation of how individuals use and regulate their motivational strategies in response to failure events, the effects of motivational strategies and emotions on real-world outcomes in the domains of academic achievement (e.g., GPA, retention), employment (e.g., interview success), and healthy aging (e.g., mortality, illness severity), and the development of innovative motivational programs to improve psychological adjustment, physical health, and performance outcomes in at-risk individuals. More specifically, my first research aim concerns the use and effects of motivational strategies (e.g., persistence, cognitive reappraisal, downgrading goals) in response to failure in the domains of education (first-year university students) and health (older adults following heart attack/stroke; Aging in Manitoba Study).


Second, my research with German colleagues evaluates the antecedents (e.g., teaching, parents), correlates (e.g., motivation, coping), and achievement consequences of unexplored emotions experienced by students in the secondary school classroom and upon entering post-secondary education (e.g., boredom, anger, enjoyment; OECD-PISA Study).


Thirdly, my work evaluates the effects of innovative motivational interventions (e.g., Internet-based; encouraging adaptive disengagement) for first-year and upper-level university students across disciplines (e.g., social, computer, physical sciences; medicine, engineering, education) at risk of failure due to traditional and counterintuitive risk factors (e.g., low grades, overconfidence, high self-esteem).






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