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Dr. Melanie Dirks


Melanie Dirks, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Psychology)


Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
McGill University


Stewart Biological Sciences Bldg.
Room W7/3J


Tel: 514-398-3856






am interested in the association between social competence and youth psychopathology, with a particular focus on economically disadvantaged children and adolescents. Increasingly, theorists have identified social competence as an evaluative construct that varies as a function of both the situation in which a behavior is enacted and the person evaluating the strategy. To date, I have engaged in work examining this model empirically by assessing a) the situation specificity of youth responses to different types of peer provocation; and b) the situation and judge specificity of evaluations of those responses.  Current projects examine the associations between perceived social competence and youth anxiety and depression.





Bukowski, W.M., Li, K.Z., Dirks, M., & Bouffard, T. (2012).  Developmental science and the study of successful development.  International Journal of Developmental Science, 6, 57-60.


Dirks, M.A., De Los Reyes, A., Briggs-Gowan, M., Cella, D., & Wakschlag, L.S. (2012).  Embracing not erasing contextual variability in children’s behavior: Theory and utility in the selection and use of methods and informants in developmental psychopathology.  Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 53 (5), 558-574.