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Dr. Holly Recchia


Recchia, Holly, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Psychology 2009; Concordia University)


Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Concordia University


7141 Sherbrooke Street, West
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1R6


Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 2017





Dr. Recchia’s research focuses on how children’s social and moral development occur in the context of their close relationships with parents, siblings, and friends. She is especially interested in how children make sense of and resolve conflicts with others. Ongoing projects examine the lessons that children learn from conflicts with siblings and friends, and how parents and children jointly construct understandings of such experiences in their conversations.






Recchia, H.E., Wainryb, C., & Pasupathi, M. (in press).  “Two for flinching”: Children’s and adolescents’ narrative accounts of harming their friends and siblings.  Child Development.


Recchia, H E., Wainryb, C., & Howe, N. (in press).  Two sides to every story? Parents’ attributions of culpability and their interventions into sibling conflict.  Merrill-Palmer Quarterly.


Santo, J., da Cunha, J., Saldarriaga, L., Recchia, H.E., Martin-Storey, A., Bukowski, W., Stella-Lopez, L., & Carmago, G. (in press).  Measurement invariance of self-continuity strategies: Comparisons of early adolescents from Brazil, Canada, and Colombia.  European Journal of Developmental Psychology.


Wainryb, C. & Recchia. H.E. (in press).  Emotion and the moral lives of adolescents: Vagaries and complexities in the experience of doing harm.  New Directions in Youth Development.