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Dr. Helena Osana


Helena Osana, Ph.D.
(Ph.D. Education Psychology 1998; University of Wisconsin)

Associate Professor, Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Concordia University

1455 de Maisonneuve Boul., West
Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8


Tel: 514-848-2424, Ext. 2543
Office: LB-568-10





Dr. Osana is an educational psychologist who conducts research in reasoning and problem solving, with special emphasis on statistical reasoning, argumentation, and decision-making. Her research activity centres on the relationship between student cognitions and teachers’ thinking and practice, particularly at the elementary level. By working closely with teachers in the classroom, Dr. Osana is able to examine the factors that enhance teachers’ beliefs and classroom practice, such as content knowledge, understanding of student learning, and instructional design. Her work extends into areas of mathematics preservice education, critical thinking in at-risk settings, and literacy tutoring.





Mandel, E., Osana, H.P., & Venkatesh, V. (in press).  The effects of Reciprocal Teaching on the receptive and expressive vocabulary of first-grade students.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education.


Pitsolantis, N. & Osana, H.P. (in press).  Fractions instruction: Linking concepts and procedures.  Teaching Children Mathematics.


Osana, H.P. & Adrien, E. (2013).  Le concept d’équivalence mathématique chez les enfants du primaire. Bulletin de l’Association mathématique du Québec.


Osana, H. & Pitsolantis, N. (2013).  Addressing the struggle to link form and understanding in fractions instruction.  British Journal of Educational Psychology, 83, 29-56.