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Dr. Hariclia Petrakos


Hariclia Petrakos, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Educational Psychology 2000; McGill University)


Associate Professor, Department of Education

Concordia University


1455 de Maisonneuve Boul., West

Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8


Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 2013






Dr. Petrakos is a school psychologist whose interests center on the reciprocal influences of home and school on children's development. Children's social, emotional and cognitive outcomes are studied across different contexts (home, school, community). Her research on family relationships focuses on parent-child dyadic interactions (i.e., verbal and physical exchanges, initiations and responsiveness, directiveness and encouragement of autonomy). Her research on family-school collaboration examines the variability in belief systems between settings (home, school) and their effects on children's behavior and academic performance. More specifically, parent-teacher interactions, teacher-child relationships and peer socialization experiences are examined as promoting resiliency or risk for children and their families.





Petrakos, H., Bergmame, L., & Charbonneau, S. (in press).  Positive school transition practices and children’s transition to school.  In Trépanier, N. (Eds.), Pour une Ecole Communautaire: Des Pratiques Prometteuses de Collaboration en Milieu Scolaire / Toward a Community School: Promising Practices for School-Family-Community Collaboration.