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Dr. Frances Aboud


Frances Aboud, Ph.D.
(Ph.D. Psychology 1973; McGill University)

Professor, Department of Psychology
McGill University

1205 Doctor Penfield Avenue
Stewart Pavilion
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1B1

Tel: 514-398-6099







r. Aboud's research fits our mission in two respects: It concerns research from developing countries evaluating programs that aim to improve the health, growth and cognitive development during the early childhood years.  It also focuses on ethnic attitudes and ways to improve these in children.






Aboud, F.E. & Brown, C.S. (2013).  Positive and negative intergroup contact among children and its effect on attitudes.  In G. Hodson and M. Hewstone (Eds.), Advances in intergroup contact (pp. 176-198) New York: NY: Psychology Press.


Aboud, F.E. (2012).  Internationalizing the health psychology curriculum.  In F. Leong, A.J. Marsella, M. Leach, and W. Pickren (Eds.), Internationalizing the psychology curriculum in the United States: Meeting the challenges of globalization, (pp. 263-284).  NY: Springer.


Opel, A., Zaman, S.S., Khanom, F., & Aboud, F.E. (2012).  Evaluation of a mathematics program for preprimary children in rural Bangladesh.  International Journal of Educational Development, 32 (1), 104-110.