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Dr. Dolores Pushkar


Dolores Pushkar, Ph.D.

(Ph.D. Psychology 1966; University of Saskatchewan)


Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology
Concordia University

7141 Sherbrooke Street, West
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1R6


Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 7540


Research Lab: Adult Development and Aging Lab







I have always been fascinated by individual differences, especially those that determine the experience of aging. My research studies the individual and contextual processes that help maintain emotional, cognitive, and social competence from mid-adulthood to late life.  My students and I are examining the retirement process when older adults leave the world of employment. We are examining the role of personality, motivation, social support, health and situational factors as determinants of the ability to maintain an engaged lifestyle. I have a long standing interest in gender differences. In the study of aging, this interest focuses on how contextual and life history factors interact so that the experience of aging differs in many significant ways, -socioeconomic, health and social support,--for women and men and how despite these differences, the majority of men and women achieve life satisfaction.





Farquhar, J.C., Wrosch, C., Pushkar, D., & Li, K.Z.H. (2013).  The value of adaptive regret management in retirement.  The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 76 (2), 99-121.


Burr, A., Santo, J., & Pushkar, D. (2013).  Investigating the Portrait Value Questionnaire (PVQ) in the context of older adulthood: Testing circumplex structure and measurement invariance.  International Journal of Behavioural Disorders.


Baer, L., Tabri, N., Blair, M., Bye, D., Li, Z.H., & Pushkar, D. (2012).  Longitudinal associations of need for cognition, cognitive activity, and depressive symptomatology with cognitive function in recent retirees.  Journals of Gerontology II: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

Current Grants: CIHR