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Dr. Annie Bernier


Bernier, Annie, Ph.D.

(Ph.D., 2000; Université Laval)


Professeure agrégée, Département de psychologie

Université de Montréal



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The overall aim of my research program is to study the influence of early caregiving relationships on children’s developmental pathways. Specific scientific interests include parent-child relationships, infant and adult attachment, sleep regulation, theory of mind, and executive functioning in young children, as well as at-risk populations and atypical forms of parenting and attachment. My lab is currently pursuing a longitudinal study of 200 Montreal families, first recruited when children were 6 months of age, and who are now entering school. This project is funded by SSHRC, FRSQ and FQRSC.






Bélanger, M-E., Bernier, A., Simard, V., Paquet, J., & Carrier, J. (in press).  Validating actigraphy as a measure of sleep for preschool children.  Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.


Bernier, A., Beauchamp, M.H., Bouvette-Turcot, A.-A., Carlson, S.M., & Carrier, J. (in press).  Sleep and cognition in preschool years: Specific links to executive functioning.  Child Development.


Bernier, A., Jarry-Boileau, V., & Lacharité, C. (in press).  Marital satisfaction and quality of father-child interactions: The moderating role of child gender.  Journal of Genetic Psychology.


Bernier, A., St-Laurent, D., Matte-Gagné, C., Milot, T., & Carpendale, J. (in press).  Parenting and young children’s executive function development.  In M. Hoskyn, A. Young and G. Iarocci (Eds.), Executive Functioning in the Classroom.  Elsevier.