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Welcome to our knowledge sharing wiki. We'll use this space to share ideas about our projects. We'll set up a space for each project. On this page you will find links to our Wiki training session (eventually) and links to documentation of our meetings/talks/workshops.

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Technical Links

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Current Projects (in no particular order):

  • SAR Editor: Editor for SAR experiments.
  • Dual Task: Yana and Natalie's project. Some information should be put here.
  • Kevin's project: Exploration of pre-potent response suppression with younger and older adults using both kinematic and event-related potential (ERP) analyses.
  • Penhune lab Journal Club: readings, slides, etc.
  • Adaptive MFST: A page dedicated to the MFST paradigm, including the scoring program and how to organize the data.
  • Motor Imitation: An investigation into the ability to imitate complex hand gestures.