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The Centre de Recherche en Développement Humain (CRDH) mission is: (a) to support interdisciplinary research on human development across the lifespan; (b) to promote the development and maintenance of a critical mass of researchers in the area of human development; (c) to support and to help to increase overall research capacity in the area of human development, including the training of new researchers; and (d) to stimulate and facilitate the creation of partnerships between groups of researchers who belong to the CRDH as well as with public and private institutions.  The CRDH's ultimate goal is to increase knowledge about the biological, psychological, environmental, and social factors affecting human development and to transfer this knowledge to people who use it, including clinicians, government decision-makers, and the general public in Québec and internationally.  By fulfilling its mission, the CRDH will help to promote successful development across the human lifespan and to prevent the expression of difficulties in human development.