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The Core Dimensions are designed to cover cross-Axis themes that are essential to the Centre’s goals and functioning.


Core Dimensions:


Core Dimension 1:  Internationalization and Global Perspective
The purposes of the Internationalization and Global Perspective Dimension are (a) to promote opportunities for participation in international partnerships, (b) to facilitate research and training in other countries, and (c) to foster a consciousness regarding the importance of literally pushing the boundaries in research on human development.  This Dimension is committed to the premise that in the current research climate an “international” emphasis needs to go beyond mere networking.


Core Dimension 2:  Developmental Methods
The activities of the Developmental Methods Dimension are primarily aimed at helping CRDH Members keep up with recent advances in research methods that are immediately relevant to the study of human development.  Research on human development is dependent on sophisticated methods and statistical techniques that are in a constant state of improvement.  A secondary aim is to complement the discipline-based methods courses taken by our Trainees with instruction in procedures specifically suited to studying development.


Core Dimension 3:  Knowledge Transfer and Public Scholarship
The Knowledge Transfer and Public Scholarship Dimension has two purposes.  Its first purpose is to oversee and facilitate connections between CRDH Members and community partners.  The second goal is to situate CRDH research within the broader issues of concern to the general public and to engage CRDH in intellectual issues that are of interest beyond the walls of the academic community.