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Although each Axis covers a different part of the lifespan they are not meant to be discrete units but are instead intended to be somewhat overlapping.


Entrainment of Basic Processes Underlying Health


The study of health outcomes and health promotion, from a lifespan developmental perspective, is a cornerstone of research at the Centre for Research in Human Development. The Health Axis seeks to identify the socio-cultural and biopsychosocial factors associated with physical and mental health, and their relevance for public policy and intervention strategies. We are interested in understand how changes in health are linked to variations of normative processes (e.g. fulfilling social relations, having adaptive goals), as well as extreme or atypical experiences (e.g. parenting an autistic child, maltreatment). Research themes in the Health Axis are encompassed through a variety of cross-sectional and longitudinal projects involving different investigators. For example, ongoing studies examine health risk and resiliency in the offspring of the original Concordia Longitudinal Risk Project (CLRP) participants, a group of several hundred children and adolescents from inner-city backgrounds who have been followed intensively since early childhood. Other studies focus on the effects of poverty, environmental stress, and social relations on children's health over time, predictors of successful trajectories in children who are at risk for school failure, and understanding the environmental, neuroendocrine and parenting factors in the development of internalizing (i.e. anxiety and depression) problems in children. Heath Axis research includes innovative work across the lifespan, particularly issues pertaining to healthy aging and transitions across development. This area of research highlights key interactions between psychological traits, biological changes and health status, as they occur during different stages of aging, including studies of sensory development and visual impairment. Other topics include epidemiological and experimental research approaches aimed at addressing a broad range of key contemporary health related issues in society, including obesity, mental health, addiction, marginalization, discrimination, and social inequality.


(Axis Leaders: Mark Ellenbogen, Suzanne King, Virginia Penhune)