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The Centre de Recherche en Développement Humain (CRDH) is an active and evolving regroupement focused on the study of human development across the life span. Throughout its 32 year history, CRDH has promoted research on the processes that underlie development from infancy through old age. A particular concern of CRDH-based research is the identification of developmental factors and processes that account for individual differences in competence across the population. Presently, CRDH has 58 Members, and over 170 Trainees from 8 disciplines at 7 institutions (Concordia, U. Laval, McGill, U. de Montréal, UQAM, UQTR, CEGEP Lanaudière).

Among the research centres in Québec, CRDH is unique in two fundamental respects. First, it is the only Centre that uses an integrative approach to bring together basic psychological, behavioral, and neuro-physiological processes to explain the development of competence across a broadly defined normal population. The main strength of the CRDH approach is the study of basic processes to explain variability in adjustment especially as it relates to social challenges faced by the Québec population. Second, CRDH is a life-span centre. Members of the Centre are concerned not only with particular periods of the life course but also with the association between functioning at one time of life and well being at later times.