Dr. Carsten Wrosch

Department of Psychology
Concordia University

Concordia University Research
Chair in Aging and Health (Tier 1)

514-848-2424 ext. 2231

Welcome to the Personality, Aging, and Health Lab directed by Carsten Wrosch, Ph.D. Our lab is located on the Loyola Campus, in the Psychology Department, at Concordia University. We are also part of the Center of Research on Human Development (CRDH).

Our research indentifies pathways to successful living across the adult lifespan. We examine from a self-regulation perspective how people can adjust to challenging life circumstances and prevent the adverse consequences on their psychological, biological, and physical health (e.g., depression, cortisol dysregulation, or chronic disease). This research program integrates theories from personality, developmental, and health psychology, and is based on the premise that there are reliable individual differences in people’s personality processes that determine the quality of life of individuals who confront problematic life situations.





Photo by Paul Eifert