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Volume 5 Issue 4, Winter-Spring, 2013

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Celebrating the CRDH Student Success

Success at every Corner and through every Lens 
By Shireen Abuhatoum and Melanie Mulligan

The CRDH Welcomes a New Post-doctoral Fellow
By: Jacqueline Legacy

Giving research to the ‘real world’ - CRDH Students Succeed at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition
By Matthew T. Keough

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Giving research to the ‘real world’:
CRDH Trainees Succeed at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

 by Matthew T. Keough

Runners up in 3-Minute Thesis competition at the Concordia University     

If you were approached by a stranger on the street and asked, “What is your research about?”  Would you be able to give them a clear answer in three minutes or less?  For CRDH Trainees Megan Wood (M.A. student), Kiran Vadaga (Ph.D. student), and Nassim Tabri (Ph.D. student), the answer to this question would be a resounding yes based on the results of Concordia University’s 2nd Annual 3-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT).

The 3MT originated at the University of Queensland in Australia and the purpose is for students to explain their research in a clear and accessible way to a diverse intellectual audience.  There is only one rule: do not go over the 3-minute time limit! Since its conception, 3MT has been gaining popularity among universities around the globe.

On April 12th, 2013 over 25 graduate students participated in the 3MT at Concordia.  The 3MT consisted of two preliminary heats and a subsequent round of finals.  For each phase of the competition, a panel of three judges ranked the speakers.  During each Heat, audience members voted for their favourite presentations.  In Heat 1, students from Engineering, Computer Science and Physical Science departments presented their work and in Heat 2, students from Humanities and Social Science departments spoke about their research.  Based on the judges’ rankings, the top 7 students from each heat proceeded to the finals.

With outstanding presentations, Megan, Kiran, and Nassim easily moved from Heat 2 to the finals.  Megan presented her Master’s thesis project on the protective role of early friendships on anxiety symptoms in children.  Kiran wowed the audience with his research on aging and cognitive inhibition – securing the people’s choice award in Heat 2 and tying with Nassim for second place in the finals.  Nassim’s doctoral work breaks new ground in understanding working class students’ expectations of success and the factors that promote their success in university.  The outstanding calibre of the 3MT presentations from CRDH trainees attests to the Centres’ dedication to student training and success. 




Kiran Vadaga

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