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Volume 5 Issue 4, Winter-Spring, 2013

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Celebrating the CRDH Student Success

Success at every Corner and through every Lens 
By Shireen Abuhatoum and Melanie Mulligan

The CRDH Welcomes a New Post-doctoral Fellow
By: Jacqueline Legacy

Giving research to the ‘real world’ - CRDH Students Succeed at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition
By Matthew T. Keough

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Celebrating the CRDH Student Success

This issue, we are keeping the editorial intentionally short.  There’s no point in maintaining any suspense about the CRDH student researchers’ productivity or creativity. We want you to quickly go and read the highlights of the CRDH Annual Conference.  As you will see, there were plenty of engaging posters and talks.  Elaborating further on the theme of productivity, meet one of our newest Post-Doctoral Fellows, Dr. Patricia Brosseau-Liard and learn about her contributions to developmental research.  With respect to creativity, we congratulate our CRDH graduates for participating in the Concordia 3-Minute Thesis Competition and coming out with honours.  We hope you enjoy the issue, and, as always, questions and comments are warmly welcomed.




Kiran Vadaga

Associate Editors

Rami Nijjar
Shireen Abuhatoum



Jackie Legacy
Matthew T. Keough
Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli
Shireen Abuhatoum




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