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Volume 5 Issue 4, Winter-Spring, 2013

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Celebrating the CRDH Student Success

Success at every Corner and through every Lens 
By Shireen Abuhatoum and Melanie Mulligan

The CRDH Welcomes a New Post-doctoral Fellow
By: Jacqueline Legacy

Giving research to the ‘real world’ - CRDH Students Succeed at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition
By Matthew T. Keough

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dialogue-CRDH is a periodical web bulletin produced by the Centre for Research in Human Development.



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Kiran Vadaga

Associate Editors

Rami Nijjar
Shireen Abuhatoum



Jackie Legacy
Matthew T. Keough
Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli
Shireen Abuhatoum




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